„Our tradition is our commitment, to do our best.”

Our family is looking back on a long agricultural tradition. The cultivation of vineyards is already in the third generation. In the 60s Karl Mohr decided to start growing wine additionally to the farming. His son Karl Herrmann changed the estate into an entirely wine growing business. He got supported by his wife Doris and later on by their children Anja and Andreas. In the meantime Andreas is responsible for the work in the wine cellar, the vineyards and the marketing.

A Wine degustation in the cross-shaped vaults …

... originated around 1850 is a very special experience, which is always appreciated by our customers. Our modern wine cellars were built in 1997. They contain high grade steel barrels and the means for a controlled fermentation. In our cellar for the wooden barrels our red wines have the possibility to develop in the traditional way.

You are very welcome…

… to get to know our wine estate. We offer guides for large and small groups and other events such as tours around our vineyards and degustation including appropriate meals. Of course we can also arrange a wine degustation right in your home together with your friends and relatives. Please contact us! We are looking forward to plan events, tours and celebrations for and with you.